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08 October 2009

Windows Magic Password Changer & Timer (By Pavel)

This is a windows utility software for windows. It contains two part written below....

Name :- Win Utility Plus v1.0
Platform :- Windows.
Requirements :- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 at least.
License:- Free
Download Link:- Click Here

Password Manager:-
It is an amazing password changer for windows. For change user’s password of your PC, just write your new password then press ok. No need to know old password. No need to logon others user account, if you have more then one user in your PC & you want to change their account password.This software will also give you all user name list exist in your computer.
Note: Just Tested In Widows-XP (sp1,sp2,sp3). Not work under limited user.

Widows Timer:-
This software also give you the facility to set timer for make your PC shutdown, restart or standby etc automatically. Just set your desire time & select a action to do.

Free Download Link
:- Click Here

This software developed By: Hymayon Kabir Pavel

07 October 2009

Interactive Security System (By Pavel)

Author's Acknowledgment:-

It is hardware and software based project. I made this project as a part of my class project. Although there ware lots of security system already invented with new technology, but I took this project as my assignment because I always want to learn something new with practical & theoretical experience. While doing this project I was totally novice with micro-controller & its programming. Mr. Tanvir Ahmed(Lecturer,AIUB) & Mr. Hafizur Rahaman(Lecturer,AIUB) helped a lot for making this project successful(I am very much thankful to them).

Developer: Humayon Kabir Pavel


Project Description: -

These projects is made for increase or ensure best security system of any place or area of your home or office or any other place you want to make secure or want to know security acknowledgment remotely. It has automatic object detection module, self alarm module, auto picture shoot picture, Email & SMS module, talk or here audio from remote place module & more.

Such as: if any person entered your secured place this system will make alarm & automatically capture image of infected area and will send it as attachment to a predefined email immediately, also send a SMS and will make a call to a predefined number for remote acknowledgement of the owner. Thus you can ensure high security of any place by taking immediate necessary decision to stop any crime or harm.

Necessary Equipments:-
This Project has two parts one is Hardware part & another is Software part.

A. Hardware part:-

In hardware part we used some device written below:-

1. BASIC Stamp 2 (Using PIC16C57c Microchip Technology Inc.)
2. IR Receiver Modules (TSOP12. Series)
3. IR Transmitter.
4. Relay Switch (Convert DC to AC).
5. Sound Speaker. 6. Computer.
7. Web Camera.
8. GSM Mobile.
B. Software part:-

In Software part we used Programming Language Below:-
1. C# (.Net Framework 2.0).
2. PBASIC Language: 2.5(BASIC Stamp Editor).

Project Flow Chart: -

Sensor Circuit Diagram For Basic Stam-2 :-


This Project is Developed By Humayon Kabir Pavel
(Any question or query about this project please post in comment option )